Eight great ways to kill kitchen clutter

January is the perfect time of year to set aside a few minutes a day to organize your kitchen. To make healthier snack and meal choices, it’s helps to have things organized and easy to access. Setting yourself up for success is important to stay on track. Here are some quick and easy things to try to create the organized kitchen of your dreams!

1- Remove things that don’t belong in the kitchen
Are your countertops always cluttered? To remedy the situation, establish a place for things to go. For example, if mail piles up on the countertops, set up a mail zone and put the mail there as soon as it enters your home. If the kids drop their book bags and coats where you need to prepare dinner, create a launch zone in your entryway to corral items. A place for everything… instead of on the countertops!

2- Avoid Key Chaos
Don’t let your keys take up valuable countertop space, install hooks by the door you use to enter and exit your home so they’re easy to find. Label hooks for each member of the family. Try using different kinds of hooks for an eclectic look. Small items like keys can easily cause unnecessary clutter. When we allow one small thing to take up space, it opens the door for other things to follow.

3- Use Clear Canisters to Organize the Pantry
Using clear canisters lets you see what you have and when you’re running low, which is not possible when items are left in their bulky packaging. Pick up a few canisters at a time when they’re on sale until you have enough to organize your entire pantry. I like using mason jars of all sizes!

4- Use shelf risers to take advantage of vertical space
This organizing tool is so versatile. Use it to store plates and bowls in kitchen cabinets or to organize canned goods in the pantry. It’s also perfect to organize vitamins or spices.

5- Add extra space in the kitchen
Bring a small armoire or dresser into the kitchen to add additional storage. Tuck it in a corner or against a wall. Be creative. We’ve been able to double client’s storage space by doing this. A rolling cart is another terrific option!

6- Adjust your shelves
Most cabinets and pantries have adjustable shelves. Take the time to adjust the shelves to perfectly fit the items you’re storing. Most hardware or lumber stores will cut new shelves for you, if necessary.

7- Add a hanging basket
To avoid countertop clutter, install a hanging basket to store fruit or vegetables. It’s easy access to healthy snacks!

8- Use plastic crates to organize the refrigerator, freezer or pantry
Who says organizing has to be expensive? The dollar store has cute, practical and affordable baskets to organize several areas of your kitchen including the refrigerator, freezer or pantry. Label the crates for easy access and as a reminder of where things go following a visit to the grocery store.