7 Ways to Slay Your Day

Are you ready to show your day who’s BOSS? Everyone gets the same 24 hours and you can get the most out of them with good time management skills. You can set yourself up for success with these seven steps that will keep you focused and guarantee productivity.

1. Start each day with crystal clear focus
The first activity of each day should be to figure out what you want to accomplish that day. Do this before checking email or starting any other task. It takes only a few minutes of daily focus to create a plan of attack, but can save hours of wasted time proceeding without one.

2. Create a detailed task list
List the tasks and activities you must do that day and update the list regularly as new tasks arise. The list should be your daily guide. As you find yourself wondering what to do next, refer to your list to stay on track.

3. Focus on tasks that will make the most impact
Determine what task or activity would have the most positive effect or impact. Resist the temptation to complete smaller, less urgent items first. Start with what is most important! To help you assess which activities to focus on first, ask yourself the following questions:
– What task or activity needs my attention right now?
– What task would cause the biggest problem if I didn’t do it today?

4. Minimize interruptions
The more time you can find during the day to work on important tasks without interruptions, the more effective you’ll be. Identify the things or in some instances, the people that interrupt your work and find solutions to minimize them. Once your concentration and focus has been broken, it can be difficult to reestablish. Train yourself to work on a single task until it’s complete.

5. Stop procrastinating
If you have a hard time staying focused or tend to procrastinate often, create task reminders in your calendar. Brian Tracy in his book Eat That Frog said, it can be very effective to complete the most unpleasant tasks early in the day. He believes this can help keep you motivated, stop procrastination and be more productive all day.

6. Limit multi-tasking
While many people believe multi-tasking is effective, studies show that our brain can’t focus effectively on more than one tasks at a time. To limit multi-tasking, use block scheduling during the day setting aside specific times for meeting, working at your desk and answering emails and calls.

7. Prepare for the next day
Spend a few minutes at the end of the day preparing for the next day. At work, tidy up your desk so when you arrive the next morning, yesterday’s problems aren’t there to greet you! It’s a motivator to start the day with an organized desk.