5 Essential Tips to Keep You Sane on Turkey Day

It’s here! Thanksgiving is one holiday that requires a lot of organizing ahead of time and we’re SURE you’ve got everything in motion! We want to talk to you about a few ways to stay organized and relaxed during Thanksgiving Day (especially if you’re hosting!) so that you can conserve energy, enjoy company and make great memories with minimal stress.

Stage a “leftover” station ahead of time
Calling all Tupperware, foil, disposable containers and paper plates… report to the staging area! Getting all of this in one place eliminates two things – you digging around for things in your cupboards after dinner and your guests (who are lovingly trying to be helpful) asking you where things are every 5 minutes. This is a task you can delegate to a family member the day before – it’s an easy one!

Let go of perfection
Your guests are going to appreciate you thoroughly, so if one plate doesn’t match or one side dish didn’t turn out exactly that way you wanted, be ok with going with the flow. The day is about family and thanks, not stressing over making sure your napkin rings are Martha Stewart-ready!

Let them do the dishes
So what if they don’t load the dishwasher exactly like you do? Let it go and let guests tackle clean up. This is a great job for teens or 20-somethings so they can contribute to the day. Use dishwashing time to kick back and catch up with company.

We know you’re going to be up early on Thanksgiving morning preparing and cooking. If you sneak away for an hour and rest your eyes, the world will not stop turning – we promise! Taking a tiny bit of time could give you all of the rest you need to be energetic and present well into the night.

Take a step back
This is important – at least once during the day (but we recommend more than once) take a step back, pause, put down your camera/cell phone and take in your awesome family. Purposely focusing on what’s going on around you will help you recall the moments, which is so important to do in this “mile a minute” world we live in.

Enjoy your day. From our family to yours, have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!